Original Paintings

Turbulence in Nature, above, is based on Nature's backlash to Climate Change.

Mike is currently focused on creating landscape and waterscape paintings in acrylic while accentuating details in clouds, land and water. Most of his paintings are created by paint-sketching giving the final piece a unique appearance. 

Please visit the Art Gallery to see his paintings.

Note: Repurposed CD Jewel Cases are named Miniature Paintings. Lots to view in this category.

  • Pregnancy Intervention pen and ink

    Pregnancy Intervention

    Pen and Ink.

    Man meets woman, woman gets pregnant, but man is not ready to be a parent. Painting depicts man trying to convince woman to have an abortion. 1973.

  • Points of Interest Collage

    Points of Interest Collage

    Pen and Ink.

    This stained glass representation was hand drawn in pen and ink. Elements of the painting originated from my sketch book. The church, on the lower left was from a travel adventure to Italy.

  • Musical Duck pen and ink

    Musical Duck

    Pen and Ink.

    This duck, reflects a talented musician being told what to do. Ball and chain, and electrical plug is a representation of society's restrictions.

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A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to support the Krembil Brain Institute at UHN.

In March 2013, Dr. Fred Gentili and his Team at Krembil saved my life with the removal of a Pituitary Tumour. I am very grateful. UHN is paying tribute to Dr. Gentili’s career and achievements by establishing the Dr. Fred Gentili Skull Base Surgery Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital. This multidisciplinary clinic will be where patients can see a range of specialists all in one site.